Anonymous said: Why bother posting outside source photos with an ass like that? The things I would do to get in there... I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I'd like to see more of it and you here <3

Oh, haha! thank you!?!

Anonymous said: you should change your theme to have pages :)

Thank you for the suggestion!

Anonymous said: i really wish you were more active because your blog is so hot every time i see you on my dashboard i cum oh my god

Thank you! :)

Anonymous said: guy or girlllll?

2 girls :-)

Anonymous said: how do i know if i suck dick good

You’d be able to tell if your guy is enjoying it. 
If you feel like you’re not doing a good job, ask him what he likes/doesn’t like. 

Anonymous said: This blog makes me so wet and horny. My god, I cannot wait till my boyfriends home.

Anonymous said: do you wana sex chat with me? im so horny looking at your blog

male or female?

Anonymous said: Could you guys post some foot fetish stuff?


Anonymous said: Is 6 inches a small or big dick?

It’s average. 

Anonymous said: This blog is perfect. Thank you! ;)

You’re welcome!